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Camper Information

  1. CAMPSITE This RentalAgreement is defined for the above-mentioned Campsite number. Camper(s) shall have exclusive lodging at this Campsite. Included at the Campsite is

    • an electrical connection which provides domestic electricity not exceeding 50 amp.

    • a water supply line which is connected to a private water well.

    • a connection to private on-site wastewater treatment system or service to empty transfer tank on the Camping Unit which holds grey water generated by Camper(s). Any ground disposal of drain water (gray or black) is prohibited by State Law! All wastewater from Camping Units (including sink water) must be disposed of into the sewer drains or containment systems. If you are found in violation you will be asked to leave the campground immediately without a refund.

    • each site is supplied with a back flow preventor (BFP) on the water spicket as required by the State of Wisconsin regulation DHS178.14(4c). The BFP must always remain intact as a preventive measure against contamination of the water supply. The BFP's are owned by Sand Haven Campground and shall not be altered in anyway, shape, or form. You will experience water output when turning water on or off. This is normal.

    • each Campsite is supplied with the utilities necessary and are owned by Sand Haven Campground. Tampering with or altering any equipment is strictly forbidden.

  2. CAMPSITE FEES: The Campsite Fee is due on or before check-in at Sand Haven Campground. A fee on each check not clearing the bank will be charged (the maximum service charge allowed by state law. When a returned check results in late payment the NSF fee will be assessed and is subject to civil penalties. Sand Haven Campground reserves the right to apply monies received in the following order: 1) reservation fee; 2) NSF fees; 3) repair expenses; 5) attorney's fees; 6) Campsite fees.

  3. DEFAULT/REMOVAL FROM CAMPSITE: Should Camper(s) fail to pay fees or violate any material term of this agreement or any rules and regulations. Sand Haven Campground reserves the right to require immediate removal from the Campsite.

    • Upon receival of removal notice, Camper(s) and their guests are to vacate Sand Haven Campground immediately. Failure to leave the Campsite immediately shall be liable for liquidated damages of $100 per day.

    • If a removal notice is given, Camper(s) are responsible for paying the full amount of the fees and expenses associated with the Campsite for the remainder of the Rental Agreement term.

  4. OCCUPANCY: Campsite is rated for up to 4 people or one immediate family and cannot exceed 6 without prior approval whose names are registered with Sand Haven Campground. All occupants agree to abide by all Rental Agreement terms, rules and regulations as established by Sand Haven Campground. Camper(s) shall not do things that disturb the occupancy of other Camper(s). Camper(s) agrees to abide by all local, state, and federal regulations, ordinances, statues, or laws. Camper(s) consents that use of these premises is limited to camping. Camper(s) shall not use these premises for disorderly or unlawful purposes. Camper(s) agree to promptly provide notice to Sand Haven Campground of any conditions on the premises that are dangerous to health or safety of Camper(s) or other Camper(s), or which may require repair.

  5. LIABILITY AND INSURANCE: Sand Haven Campground requires that Camper(s) obtain proper insurance on private Camping Unit, structures, golf cart, boat, vehicles, and any other item of value. Camper(s) shall not be considered co- insured with Sand Haven Campground under any property insurance. Sand Haven Campground and its agents are not responsible for any injury to Camper(s) or Camper's guest(s) or damage to the property of Camper(s) or their guest(s) that was not caused by a willful or negligent act of Sand Haven Campground. Sand Haven Campground and its agents shall not be liable for damages, or off set to Campsite fees caused by plumbing, water, or sewage intrusion, or for any temporary interruption of utility or service provided to Camper(s).

  6. CAMP AT YOU OWN RISK: Camper(s) are aware that Sand Haven Campground offers recreational opportunities in an outdoor setting. Because Sand Haven Campground's setting is natural environment, the Wisconsin Legislature has adopted section 895.519 of the Wisconsin Statues, which grants Sand Haven Campground immunity from liability for the inherent risks of camping activity. Camper(s) acknowledge they accept the Inherent risks of camping. Camper(s) are aware that they will be unable to recover damages against Sand Haven Campground for the inherent risks of camping even if the Camper(s) or their guests are injured or killed as the result of these inherent risks.

  7. PETS: Only with Sand Haven Campground approval and a signed pet addendum will 2 dogs or cats be allowed.

  8. DAY GUESTS/VISITORS: In accordance with Wisconsin State law DHS178.21(2), all guests must register with Sand Haven Campground. Campsites cannot exceed 6 people without prior approval. All guests and visitors will be charged a $5 daily fee if using campground amenities.

  9. ACCESS TO CAMPSITE: Sand Haven Campground owners and operators may enter the Campsite at any time: A) in the case of emergency, B) upon suspicion of abandonment, C) belief of Rental Agreement violation, D) to perform necessary or agreed repairs, decorations, alterations, or improvements;

  10. ABANDONMENT: Any objects or possessions left on the premises after vacating are considered abandoned by its owner and will be disposed of as state law permits. Camper(s) relinquishes all claims and releases Sand Haven Campground from any claims arising from storage or disposition of said property. This shall apply even if the property left abandoned exceeds $2,500.00 in value.

  11. GRILLS: Camper(s) agree to keep grills 10 feet from any Camping Unit, building, or gas or propane storage.

  12. DRUG-FREE AND CRIME-FREE CAMPGROUND: Occupant, any member of the occupant's Campsite or a guest or other person under the occupant's control shall not engage in criminal activity, including drug-related criminal activity, on or near the said premises. Occupant, any member of the occupant's Campsite, or a guest or other person under the occupant's control shall not engage in acts of violence or threats of violence, including but not limited to the unlawful discharge of firearms, on or near the Campsite. VIOLATION OF THE ABOVE PROVISIONS SHALL BE A MATERIAL VIOLATION OF THE RENTAL AGREEMENT AND GOOD CAUSE FOR TERMINATION.

  13. PHOTO RELEASE: By signing this Rental Agreement, Camper(s) grant Sand Haven Campground, its representatives and employees, the right to take photographs and/or videos of Camper(s), their guests, and their property in connection with normal use of the campground. Camper(s) authorize Sand Haven Campground to use such photographs and/or videos with or without Camper(s) name for any lawful purpose without prior notice.

  14. Renter and all members of their party agree, understand, and accept that the renter:

    • assumes full financial responsibility for all damage and loss of income caused to any property of Sand Haven Campground while in the renter's control.

    • agrees to abide by all rules and regulations as posted. Sand Haven Campground reserves the right to make modifications to the rules and regulations. By signing below, Camper(s) acknowledge that they have read this contract and a copy of the rules and regulations and/or can request a copy of the rules and regulations at any time. The rules and regulations can be found on the website at www.sandhavencampground.com.

    • agrees to leaving all rented property in the way it was received. Any missing or damaged property will be charged to the renter as well as all additional expenses incurred for cleaning and or damage.

    • at the discretion of Sand Haven Campground employees and/or owners' renter or anyone in their party can be asked to vacate the premises without a refund if any of the rules are broken.

    • agrees to abide by the check in time of after 2 PM and check out by 11 AM.

    • All non-payment and/or default status of account balances are subject to all additional fees incurred above the balance due.

This Rental Agreement is not valid until signed by Owner or Operator of Sand Haven Campground. This Rental Agreement, along with rules and regulations, contains the entire agreement between the parties. No oral agreements have been entered.

*Typing your name here constitutes a digital signature and agreement terms listed above.